As a global leader in the design, operation, service providers, low voltage MOS Taiwan overseas science and technology co., LTD. Since its inception in 1988 in hsinchu industrial park, has been adhering to the fear of science and technology, committed to customer service concept, is committed to development and product development, energy saving, high efficiency of semiconductor in Tritech - MOS brand build more cost-effective products, to provide customers with high-quality products and services as the core.

Taiwan MAO headquarters in hsinchu, Taiwan, with plane, groove, SGT, IGBT, SIC full series MOSFET advanced chip design and process integration technology, full range of applications in the field of full voltage;And can provide a single or multi - core customized products.Current products are widely used in LED lighting, car lights, power lithium battery protection board, motor drive, power tools, home appliances intelligent control, electric vehicle power supply, charging toon and other fields, the future application prospects will be more broad.

Relying on advanced design and manufacturing capabilities, rich experience in marketing services, and efficient logistics support, to provide customers with the most competitive and complete rapid solution to the eucalyptus, with a view to accumulate, become an influential brand service providers in the industry.